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Learn a new language the same way you did as a child

First of all, it is important to understand how you learned your native language.

You will see that the language is not actually learned, but adopted. So let’s go back in time and recall the past.

As you were born you were extremely dependent on your parents. Human babies can’t survive on their own. So a strong connection builds up within the very first second in every baby’s life, with the people who raise them.

The first connection for a baby to their parents is the scent. After that the voice of your them and only then how they look. The look becomes more important later.

Your parents spoke with you from the very first moment. Even if you didn’t understand anything. they did never stop talking to you.

One day, you were able to understand the first single words, and day by day your understanding grew.

Before your first word was spoken out loud, your understanding was at a way higher level.

Your parents kept talking to you in an easy way, they just spoke with you in a way you were able to understand the most likely. All those sentences were created for you individually. And they did not get mad if you still didn’t know what a cat is even though they told you already 50 times.

Step by step you were able to understand them more and more and the same applied to your spoken words.

As you grew bigger the conversationability grew simultainusly.

At about six years old you were able to speak your language at a really high level. One thing though NEVER changed. Your understanding was and always will be better than your spoken word.

After turning six most kids go to school and learn to read and write.

>> What traditional schools doing wrong

Click here to get to the article dedicated to this matter specifically.

In a nutshell:

  • You learned the words first THROUGH YOUR EARS, in combination with other sounds or visual content
  • You got SURROUNDED by that language
  • People who care about you spoke with you INDIVIDUALLY
  • They REPEATED words, sentences many many times and didn’t stop as you didn’t get it
  • You never stopped GOING FORWARD! To quit was no option at any time. Excitement wanted you to have a deeper connection with the people who raised you, cause you like/love them
  • You were patient and learned STEP BY STEP
  • The parents are NATIVE SPEAKERS of that language(s) you learned
  • The whole process was absolutely EFFORTLESS.
  • Your parents didn’t CHARGE you anything for gifting their language to you

So let’s take these attributes and discuss them more in detail.

Also, let’s not take out the fact that you are NOT a baby/kid anymore. In which areas learning like a baby just is not possible because of the age differences.

The way of how I combined all the coming attributes into one system is explained in a follow-up article, So don’t get confused if you can’t find it here!

Learning through listening/the ear

As a kid:

The first thing we learn is to understand the language. And the organ which helps us to master that is THE EAR. So as a baby you learn through your ears to get the basics of the language.

As an adult:

The same applies to an adult. And you are most definitely struggling with learning a new language because that was NOT your focus and you learned the traditional way in school.

More about that topic you find in the “What traditional schools doing wrong” -article.

So the best thing is to have somebody who masters the language you want to learn. Listen to that person a lot.

In the modern world, dominated by smartphones and the internet is also not a big thing for anybody to get audio content in the desired language. Especially if you don’t have a person you could listen to, that is a great option.

Repetition, daily surrounding

As a kid:

You and nobody else in this world did learn a word, sentence, or a whole language at the very first try.

Repetition is the keyword. You needed a sh*tload of repetition of every single word to truly know what they mean. And further how the different words are fitting together in the correct order. This repetition also enabled you to get grammar for free.

And with that I don’t mean the grammar rules, I mean the natural correct use of grammar itself.

In school, I learned to have a repetition of eight times to get it into the long term memory.

I say you need several hundreds of repetitions of anything you learn. Think if you speak in your native language, every time you use a word you know you repeat it. I can’t say how many hundred, (ten) thousand, million times you repeated common words in your life.

But you notice by yourself it’s a gigantic number of repetitions.

Your parents surrounded you, and day by day you heard the language you finally mastered.

As an adult:

This applies the same to a grown-up. You need sh*itloads of repetition.

So the best method of having this circumstance as a grown-up is clearly a LANGUAGE STAY. This enables you to get surrounded by real-world spoken language.

It is the most effective variant, no doubt about it. But not everybody has the possibility to go abroad. As an adult several things could hinder you as:

  • Finances
    • What is with my job
    • Do I have enough money to quit it?
    • Can I afford the language stay in the first place?
  • Apartment
    • Who will take care of it during the time of being absent?
    • Can I afford it to stay empty for a special period of time?
  • Time
    • Time is money
  • Social contacts
    • Who takes care of the kids of the family in general
    • What is about my partner

So this variant is an awesome tool for everybody who can afford it.

Most young adults do it right after school so they don’t have the problems and challenges that older adults have.

I highly recommend taking the chance if you are able to.

Check out to get the best possible experience abroad.

Because of the corona situation, this seems to be an even more difficult proposition to go with at the moment or in the future for certain areas, not this shouldn’t hinder you to check it out.

And for everybody who does not have the time, money or whatever reason don’t worry. The system I will introduce to you considers all those obstacles and eliminates them.

Parents, people who raised you

As a kid:

Now we found out you needed lots of repetition and learning through the ear. And as a kid, your parents will be the part that donates you most of the time to get to that repetition consumed by your ears. Later comes other close persons into the picture but the parents set the fundamentals.

As an adult:

As an adult, you can’t have new parents in order to recreate the same learning experience. Obviously…

Even if you buy a personal coach, he/she won’t surround you day by day. Or you are just extraordinarily rich.

So in here, we have the first switch of gear in which the learning system differs from a baby and an adult.

So let’s create “fake parents”. These “parents” has way fewer responsibilities to do than your actual parents had to. Because you are NOT dependant on them.

So what is after family the first things you get?

Right, friends. Friends are people you like to be with. And if you like somebody you have something with this person in common, that’s why you don’t like every person the same.

So what better “fake parents” there could be as friends? Persons with the same interests?

Exactly there aren’t any better persons as like-minded persons.


As a kid:

There was never anything that was exhausting for you as a kid to learn. You just listened and tried to imitate the heard but you never crammed. You got better in it effortlessly with just passively consuming. And as you got more skills you used your mouth to imitate it and say out loud without any thoughts about that it could sound wrong.

Your parents weren’t linguists or language teachers and never explained to you how the language works, they just used it.

As an adult:

Effortless learning is the key to you as an adult as well. Absolutely no changes in this attribute.

Don’t cram grammar rules or memorizing flashcards nor bending words. As a baby you didn’t, so why you should CHANGE the strategy after succeeding big time as a kid?

Individual content

As a kid:

Always as somebody speaks to you directly they create something which is made for you, individually.

You adapt your language in a different manner to different people. Nor your parents explained to you the theory of relativity because no baby would understand or have any interest in it.

They used sentences or even just single words for you to understand best. Tailor-made content for you, day by day.

This led you to improve fast. And because parents know their kids inside and out they gave you automatically content of your current level.

As an adult:

Why an adult shouldn’t use content with isn’t tailor-made for him? Wouldnt it be great to have this also as a grown-up?

Most learning apps and software go with the general public and do not go individually on each person.

There are awesome language tutors you can book.

I totally recommend this as well to take the opportunity to learn from specialists. They will give you tailor-made content.

You find a gigantic mass of teacher of every language here

If you can afford to stick with this solution all the time don’t hesitate and book the first meeting!

In my opinion, applies as well for me, this works the best if you need specific things to improve. I use it every once in awhile for specific topics.

Or you are an absolute beginner it is also a great and motivating source of getting a great start into the new language learn- journey.

This perfectly rounds off the daily basis of my free system I will link at the end 😉


As a kid:

As a baby, you are vulnerable and inexperienced. You are dependant to other people.

And adult people feel superior due to the fact of experience. But let me tell you something, all you adult people reading this. Every baby has a huge advantage over every adult BECAUSE they are inexperienced.

A baby never stops, its motivation is something else. If they start to walk they fall hundreds of times. They try again and do not see a failure as something bad but as feedback.

A baby’s motivation is the biggest reason people think that you learn better and faster as a baby or as you are young.

That’s not true, they don’t learn better or faster, they just don’t create data garbage in their head which holds them back.

As an adult:

You need a goal of why you want to master a language. This is the adult way to keep motivation high. Because a setback is really tragic. I see myself pitying myself after a setback and realize how actually “childish” that is.

What an irony if you think about the word childish in this situation.

To keep the motivation high a good tool is also togetherness. In a team, we support each other if we notice somebody has a weak moment.

So having great goals and a person/team who supports you is crucial for succeeding the fastest.

If you have problems with the aforementioned setback problematic you may need a shift in your believing system. More about it you find in the “step by step” paragraph later in this article.

Native speaker

As a kid:

You learned your first language from native speakers. Yes everybody of you did. And the lucky guys having parents with different native languages learned both perfectly.

As an adult:

And as soon as you come to school, most of the time a person whose native language is the same as yours teaches you a foreign language. Doesn’t that feel wrong just to realize that fact?

You learned from native speakers back then and you should learn from native speakers as an adult. End of discussion.

Step by step

As a kid:

This goes hand in hand with motivation. As a baby, you succeeded by not even noticing it. Every day a little step more brought you to absolutely mastering your native language.

Your mind was free from expectations in the early day, no hindering believing system or stopping after a while with not seeing progress.

As an adult:

Adults are crybabies… illusional and lazy.

They like to have the magic – pill. Just get through the whole process of learning something …in one day, or even an hour!

If they don’t get it they cry about it and make themself feeling bad or blaming somebody else instead of going forward and keep on.

Many people fail at this point. They want to see results, they want to see them fast. If you struggle at this point you need to have a shift in your believing system.

If you are honest towards yourself and admit you recognize yourself in my text, I recommend you to go through the later mentioned course to get the mind right to eradicate that hindering believing system.

Learn to celebrate small success instead of making your learning process going slower with unnecessary burdens. You create them by yourself! But that’s awesome because that means you can remove by themself as well.

Check out here


As a kid:

Do you know what would be silly? If the people who raised you would charge you with money for the language they gifted you.

And its one of the most powerful tool humans has, complex communication.

And you got it for free because they love you! They want to become acquainted with you. They want you to get to know them as well.

As an adult:

As an adult, everything costs, and everybody wants something for themself.

That sounds so negative doesn’t it?

But what if we go back to the time when we didn’t have currency yet. What did humankind? They TRADED something against something else with an agreement.

So how that can apply with learning a new language?

Your parents gifted you the language with the benefit to get in touch with you in a more complex way in conversations.

Trading in old-school style works also when you’re an adult. I take your native language and as compensation, I gift you mine.

So and now you’re wondering what the system I’ve been talking ever since is about.

Check out the dedicated article about the Lewins system.

In there you will find the answers of:

  • How I learn through listening…
  • with native speakers…
  • who are “fake parents” …
  • with individual content…
  • how you are surrounded by the language…
  • totally effortless…
  • with high motivation…
  • for every kind of language or level…
  • for free!

All that combined as a language learning plattform.

This platform is rounded off with additional services to meet every single user’s individual preferences.

This is the most proven method in the world, you did learn your native language like that and now I gonna show you how you can do it again as a full-time working Adult!

>> Go check it out here

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