November 15

Language learning 2.0, the unique LEWINS system

Today, I introduce you to HOW exactly you can master a second language the same way as you did as a child with the circumstances of a grown-up.

HOW you find native speakers, who are not just random people, but like-minded people, cool guys who share the same interests as you!

Your parents taught you your first language, so it’s at the time to find new “fake parents”, people with the traits I just described. To adopt a second language.

Awesome you are here! It is extraordinary but at the same time the easiest and most natural approach, I promise you will love it. Go ahead.

LEarn WIth Native Speakers

In my last article, I described in detail what important parts you went through as you were a child/baby and how they differ if you learn a second language as an adult.

This article shows you how you can find for each milestone (10 icons you find in this and the article just a little below) the required resources and explains step by step procedure.

If you did not yet go through the following article I recommend reading that one first, for a better understanding.

>> Learn like a baby, as an adult

Native speaker

How do I find native speakers?

Through the search engine of Lewins, you are able to find people who speak your desired target language as their native language.

But that’s not all, you are able to distinguish between several accents the people should have.

There are many languages which are spoken in different countries and every country has its own words, idioms and so on.

So if you for example like Canadian English you will find it specifically. This opportunity allows the user to find their very own tailormade source.

Click here >>SEARCH ENGINE to find a step by step guide.

Like-minded person

Now we need to create a bond between the person you want to learn the language from and you. The aforementioned “fake- parents”, or how I call them your very own “Lewin“.

So in order to find somebody you can easily bond with, you need to find somebody who has the same interests as you. You can search for it with the advanced search engine.

Click here >>SEARCH ENGINE to find a step by step guide.

Learning through the ear

I think I made it clear why learning through listening is so important.

As you find your perfect Lewin, you start connecting with this person immediately. You have several options, these very much depend on your current level of the language. Those are:

  • Recording Voice messages
  • Call
  • Videocall
  • Recording Audiofiles

Another possibility to connect is by chatting. Especially at the beginning, to find your Lewin, it may make sense not directly to call instead of making the first step with chatting.

Click >>AUDIOFILE to find a step by step guide.

Repetition, daily surrounding/ Individual content

The daily repetition is so important, and you need to know how to maintain it.

The possibility exists, that your Lewin is not in the same timezone (it will show the current time in the one’s profile). If that is the case it might be hard having calls every day. As adults, we have meetings and duties which can complicate daily connection via phonecall additionally.

Of course, there is a solution to this matter as well.

Again, it depends on the level your currently at. If you are already fluent or almost, you don’t need to be surrounded so much as a beginner. So selective phonecalls may be enough.

As a beginner though, you benefit from the native language of your Lewin as you keep listening to audio files.

As a beginner, it is important to learn the most common and important words first.

But NOT with flashcards and NOT as single words!

>> Here you find the process of creating an audiofile

>> Here you find the structure how it should be built (for each level)

Idea of how new words stays in long term memory

Each audio file is attached to a counter, so if you listened to the same audio file 50 times you level up for this word. After that process, it blocks this audio file and you will not be able to listen to it until it unblocks after two weeks. This continues several times so words, their meanings, and forms, etc. really burn into your long-term memory. And for the very eager ones among yourselves, you will be forced to listen to it at different times so you won’t consume each of the 120 repetitions in one day.

  • After 50 times you reach the status orange
    • Audiofile gets blocked for 1 week
  • After 30 more times, you reach the status yellow
    • Audiofile gets blocked for 2 weeks
  • After another 20 times, you reach the status green
    • Audiofile gets blocked for 4 weeks
  • After the final 10 times, you get the golden crown

>> Click here to see how the using process works of the Audiofile

High motivation/
Step by step

You found your Lewin or even several Lewins. You just connected with somebody who you can teach you his/her knowledge and copying his skills.

So from now on, you grow together. If you are at the same level you see the progress of the other person way better than your own. This motivates everybody to keep the consistency of learning.

And humans love to compete, and we create here a healthy competition in which everybody wants the other to succeed. So there are only winners in this scenario! If one person is stuck his Lewin will be supportive.

And you found another like-minded person, so you have lots of material to actually discuss! If it’s about football from yesterday’s game or the religion you have in common.

It’s not just some random dude/gal it’s a new friend. Maybe even partner or soon spouse, who knows, everything is possible 🙂


The main attitude of the Lewins system is that learning is absolutely effortless. So don’t ask why is something is the way it is. Let grammar be grammar and don’t speak about the rules of the language.

Parents didn’t correct their kids if they started to speak, they just recognized their level and spoke at a slightly higher level.

If somebody uses the wrong words or bends them wrongly just repeat the sentence in real-life spoken language. Especially in the beginning don’t correct much if not needed. Just repeat the meaning in how a native speaker would say it.

Stay in one language per call. The sound of the language is going faster and more efficiently to your brain if you don’t have to switch constantly between two languages, especially when you’re a beginner.

Effortless is not equal lazy, you have to be consistent. During the whole time, there should not be any feeling of cramming.


It is …free!

All of the hereinafter listed functions are free for anybody who joins the community.

  • Website
  • App
  • Searching machine
    • Simple
    • Advanced
  • Full Userlibrary
  • Audio files
  • Contact functions
    • Call
    • Videocall
    • Voice messages
    • Chat

Advantages of the Lewins plattform

The following list shows off what is the focus of the Lewins platform and what ist not:

I mentioned the word platform for the first time. Let me explain:

The Lewins system has two parts. The first part and its advantages you see in the text and graphic.

You also see that there are certain things which is just not the focus of this platform! If you want to improve your writing skills your Lewin might be good at it then you benefit a lot through the platform.

If he/she is not, there are more efficient sources.

I know people very well, I know not everybody is the same and because of our individuality, we have certain needs.

If somebody (despite my roast against it in a previous post ;)) likes to learn in a more traditional way, Lewins recommends individually adjusted to somebody’s language and level, proven third party resources to have solutions for absolutely everybody.

It doesn’t matter if you need

Also, if you struggle with a hindering mindset or lacking motivation you will get support besides the actual learning.

When you sign up to Lewins, according to your level there will be recommendations. If you improve your level or if you miss specific learning methods from the platform, updated recommendations are given.

So Lewins accompany you through the whole process of learning. And because Lewins is in the core idea a language learning system does not exclude that you learn about life and being successful in any part of life!


If you didn’t yet sign up go to and create your free account and start today with finding your Lewin and already start to learn the language you ever wanted to master with togetherness!

You see the benefits and realize that this is the way how you can learn a second language like you did as a baby… but adapted to the circumstances of a grown-up?

Share it with people who could find this interesting and make the community grow fast.

Be part of something great and enable everybody to find THEIR VERY OWN Lewin!

Sign up for the newsletter below and get to know when the website, new features are getting launched.


Orson, the author of the Lewins system, learn like a child.

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