December 12

Odd claim: “Learning a language is like cooking spaghetti”


What the heck is he talking about?

Well, I probably would have asked the same if I would have read that kind of stuff, to be honest.

Actually, I find this comparison between cooking spaghetti and language learning, quite good and shows, in a playful wise, why so many people don’t succeed. But not only that, as well as why some guys are just so much faster than others.

Lets start into the comparison already!

What does it need to make spaghetti? Well, I guess everybody knows how it goes, it’s very simple and easy. So probably the most would answer:

Just cook it and eat it!

Well, that’s true, but if I would tell you to “Just learn the language and use it” you would be pretty disappointed right…?

So here is the exact process of making spaghetti.

Process of making spaghetti:

  • What is needed?
    • Spaghetti
    • Water
    • Salt
    • Pan
    • Stove
    • and… hunger
  • Process:
    • Fill water into the pan
    • Add salt
    • Bring the water to boil
    • Add spaghetti
    • Wait 10-15 minutes
    • Eat it

Learning a new language is quite similar, or learning something new in general. Of course, I know some things won’t match so don’t roast me for this, it’s just to show the idea in a playful wise. Relax!

Let’s break it down and replace the specific processes and ingredients with relevant things for language learning.

Process of learning a language:

Spaghetti in this case is your language learning progress. You can’t eat it yet when it’s not cooked, but you are able to transform it to the desired condition.

But the spaghetti is not making it eatable by itself. Some things have to be done so the result will be satisfying.

The pan and the water builds a very important requirement for making it possible. And as a transition to learning those both parts are the approach and the resources.

If you think you learn a language and your method is bad then the outcome can’t be good obviously. The same applies for when the resources are not good, too little or too much water will slow down the process.

You have to refill water or you have to wait longer until it’s boiling. What brings us to the next step. We have the water in the pan, perfect! The preparation is done let’s learn spaghetti or let’s cook language!

You put the pan on the stove.

And now the actual action comes into play. The stove is your motivation. If you put the stove on 1 of of 6 you most definitely never will have your meal. So let’s put it on 6!

But consider putting the pan first on top of the stove. If your motivation is so high as a full power upped stove but there is no water to boil it won’t help at all!

That’s why the preparation and the path have to be clear so you will spend your energy for nothing just because you have no plan.

Well now it is on the stove and the water is boiling. Awesome! Now, let’s put the spaghetti in the water.

  • Preparation?
    • Check
  • Right approach?
    • Check
  • Motivation high?
    • Check
  • Put all together?
    • Check

Process finished!

Or not?

Lets recap:

You have proper preparation and a plan. You have good, reliable resources and an awesome approach to learn. Your motivation is set high and you did the biggest step… the first step. You started to combine all those things.

Sounds like everything is done.


Even if you have all those very crucial things set up perfectly at the point I am telling you now, many many guys failed, fail, and will fail in the future.

Immagine you put the water into the pan, boiling it up, and add the spaghetti…

And after you put it into the water you take the spaghetti out after 1 minute and you are disappointed! The spaghetti is still hard and not ready!

What did I do wrong? I did have all the required things, everything was perfect but it didn’t work?

It has to be me, I am probably just bad at learning a new language.

Affected people to themselfes

And this is the process of disabling the stove thus the decline of the learner’s motivation. And with that action the spaghetti never gets good.

Well I know nobody would be that stupid and would take it out after one minute. Everybody knows that it takes about 10- 15 minutes to have ready spaghetti.

On the other hand, adults think that they can learn a language in 1 month because some app ad told them so.

Magic pill of language learning

Adults somehow seek the magic pill. And as stupid as the example with the spaghetti cooking was, and nobody actually would take anybody seriously doing this in the real world… But if there is a magic pill for losing 50 pounds in 2 days of learning a language from scratch in 3 weeks. Then they buy it.

Everything has to be fast in today’s world, and if it is not working immediately people quit and are disappointed.

But there is actually a magic pill, i gonna show you!

(Thank god the pill thing is not about real pills because I definitely would not buy anything this guy above in the picture is selling :P)

Blue Pill

The first magic pill is the blue one.

If you decide on this one go search on the internet for “Mastering a language in 3 weeks” or “losing 50 pounds in 2 days”. But consider that you are not allowed to laugh about the guy cooking spaghetti for only 1 minute … just saying…

Red Pill

And the red pill… I actually consider it a magic pill, even though this pill destroys the mindset that a magic pill exists.

And the red pill is something for real men/women! Real people won’t get discouraged by this, in fact, they get motivated to face the truth. Because this means they are heading in the right direction. They WILL SUCCEED. No doubt about it.

Every successful people once took the red pill and I cant recommend enough to take it rather sooner than later.

If you are still disappointed at this point that the magic pill is a fairy tale for adults, let me brighten up your life up with the following part:

The time of cooking the spaghetti

…does NOT have to be boring, exhausting, or have an elsewhere negative impact on you!

There is the salt, which I didn’t mention yet. And the salt makes the process spicy!

You know the easy preparation of how you cook spaghetti. It’s easy.

When it comes to the perfect preparation, good sources, and a method that works to learn German, Spanish, Chinese… whatever language it is a little bit more challenging.

How you can be sure that the method you are using is actually the best (for you)?

To activate the motivation is probably as easy as setting up the stove. But to keep that motivation over time might be not as easy as to just let the stove at level 6, and I am totally aware of that.

Pre built template

The promised part which lightens up your life is that I can provide you everything you need:

  • Preparation/Plan
  • Method/Approach
  • Motivation
  • Awesome Resources

All those things I am able to give you. I consider also that not everybody is the same, and we have different preferences.

Not everybody is on the same level. So last but not least, different stages require different approaches. Even tho there is one main approach for everybody, special preferences and levels are getting considered. This is what makes my learning tool fit for every single person on planet earth who wants to learn a language (and has access to the internet ).

Keep in mind, all this is worth nothing when you don’t start. So I motivate you to start right now! Do your part, cook the spaghetti in the boiling water.

I provide the pan, water, salt and tell you how to turn on the stove, and let the stove be on level 6/6 until the spaghetti is eatable.

The process of cooking your spaghetti-language (No, I didn’t mean Italian just saying ;)) will be totally effortless.

And im sure you ask yourself “WHAT APPROACH IS HE TALKING ABOUT!”

I just tell you, that this approach is proven… not only proven, it is proven by millions… no BILLIONS of people.

Yes i mean YOU!

But who cares about other people, you, the one who reads this right now YOU did learn your native language with that method!

And I am gonna show you how you did it and how you can do it with a second language.

>> How you did it

>> How you will do it again

Happy cooking.

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