January 23

Language Exchange, what Awesome qualities of Language buddies are

Everybody who tried to learn a language with language exchange partners knows the possible problems.

  • I have no idea what should I say!
  • I’m embarrassed because his/her level is much higher
  • Or on a too low level
  • I can’t somehow find a consistent partner
  • The 50% that we practice my first language is waste of time and boring

Does that mean I dont recommend learning with Language Exchange?

Absolutely not! It is a terrific tool and everybody should always use it. And with the focus on small details, especially guys who had bad experiences in the past, get gigantic value out of it.

The main problem with random language buddies is that the only reason two people speak with each other is that the other possesses mastery skills in the other’s desired target language.

Of course, can’t deny that this the core essential connection. But it should NOT be the only one. Because if it is, then I understand totally why people having “no idea what to say”, or being afraid about the partners level and all the other things from the list above.

Everybody has individual preferences
Many mutual preferences among two people creates a friendly enviroment

Therefore it is logical that this language buddy we choose should NOT only be connected with the sole trait that was just mentioned.

In fact, it should only be the fundament of this language relation ship.

“People don’t do what they want the most, but the thing, they fear the least!”

Prof. Dr. Jack Nasher, Management Psychologist

Creating a comfortzone

In order to take that fear from you, and your language partner, a friendly environment needs to be created.

Doing so by creating a comfort zone. A place/situation people are feeling safe and accepted. That applies to anybody.

Ask yourself. why your friends, the ones you hang in your spare time, are your friends? Why do you like to be with them?

Because they give you a good feeling. And good feeling builds up that comfort zone.

Good feelings are created when you discuss the football match of your favorite team that was playing last evening with another fan. Or about the same music genre you love. About your religion, politics, hobbies… you name it. Most definitely you speak most about what you have in common with that specific friend.

In a team we succed faster
Succed as a collaborating team is way more powerful & effective

Language exchange buddy traits

Yes, you guessed it. The traits of a language buddy should be the same as the ones of a friend. Because similarities make the whole thing extremely interesting!

Following you find some advantages out of it:

  • You get a new friend, your social circle grows
  • Conversations about mutual interests increase the dopamine level
  • That leads you to focus on the fun stuff and get language progress sideways! Effortless motivation for free!
  • You never have the problem of “I don’t know what to say?” again
  • This relationship is interesting, so a consistent language buddy is guaranteed
  • The sympathy to this person makes you love to support him/her and 50% of the time will not feel “wasted” and “exhausting” anymore
  • In togetherness, humans are stronger and support each other in dark hours, you are in a winning team!

Great huh?


Here you learn HOW TO FIND a new friend with your target language as his/her mother tongue.

And here you can FIND YOUR new awesome Language buddy

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