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Let me tell you something. I’m a regular guy, working as a salesman in the insurance branch. Have a normal life and the duties out of it.

I put sweat, tears, blood, and money into this project, all on my own, without any help from outside AT ALL, besides my normal job.

And to be honest I love it all, the sweat the tears. I even like to spend my savings on this great project.

I spent endless hours with maximize the power of the system.

Tested many ideas and scrapped many of them to keep the essential ones.

It seems I have endless energy I can put into it. I spent already tens of thousands of Dollars by myself, for programmers, domains, etc.

The website will be able to have full functionality was supposed to be ready in the first quarter of 2021. Day by day I let my programmer know how I want the surface to look like and what functionality should be included to be as user-friendly as it just can be.

The budget, which was planned according to the information of the programming company, didn’t match with the forecasted amount of hours.

It actually takes more than double the amount of time, and therefore costs, to program all the features I want. For the website only! Not including the app at all…

And we all know time is money.

I wasn’t originally supposed to do what I tell by now. Because I am a guy who likes to be in charge, to determine everything and to be in the end the one who can say “I did it all by myself”!

And I will!

If I have the support of people who support me with just a small amount of money it will speed up the process big time!

And to be honest, it is more important to introduce you a fully functinal system better earlier than later. This fact is more important as my proudness to claim I did it by myself 100%.

  • I want everybody to use it fast!
  • I want to connect people as soon as possible!
  • I want to use it by myself!

And YOU can support me with a small amount of donation and speed up the process dramatically.

That’s one small step for a man – one giant leap for mankind.

Neil Armstrong, 1969

For a thousand of you five dollar is nothing, but for the Lewins project it is the boost for skyrocketing.

A small investement in something great make you the founder of something great, in the future you can proudly claim you are a founder of the Lewins system.

Thank you very much for reading my content, I appreciate it much and I will be generous to the guys who support me at the beginning you will see. I’m like an elephant. I never forget a face (or a name or email address in this case 🙂

Or if you are more the cryptocurrency type of guy:

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I’m sure even if you donated just the minimum of five dollars you like what I do and you are thrilled to get the final version of the website and the app.

Share it with anybody who is interested in learning new languages, connecting with like-minded people, or just learning to live a better life in general.

More people seeing this = faster launch = bigger community = better chance to find YOUR tailormade Lewin.

Go check out the website, but be aware there has to be done much of stuff yet >> https://lewins.com

>> List for what donations are used for:

Thank you so much, guys like you make it possible.

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