Donated money will be used for:

What is done already:

I started the implementation with a programming company from abroad. Under you find what is done already. You can search, fitting language partners, and finding the results in highlighted green. But the functionality does not work yet how I had in my head. And neither the design.

Due to communication problems the next programming company will be a local one from Switzerland or Germany. The quality will be awesome for sure, but the costs obviously higher compared to the programming company from India.

So the foundation stands, and here is the…

List of what donation money is spent for:

  • Prettier design
  • More user-friendly handling
  • Mobile friendly
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Integration call function
  • Integration video call function
  • Fully functioning app
  • Audiofile function
  • Push function for new messages (in chats)
  • Add friends/ block user
  • Auto translate of interests/accent
  • Emoticons in chat
  • Voice messages in the chat
  • Matches showing in a list
  • Smarter timezone list
  • Ads (for getting more new user more users to the platform)
  • Faster loading time
  • Additional site languages
  • 300 most common words list from every language
  • Explanation videos
  • Miscellaneous